Sympathy Card Messages

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Sympathy Card Messages Examples

Sympathy Card Messages


There are many types of cards that can be used to express sympathy for someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one or other personal tragedy. A sympathy card is typically an expression of condolence sent by means of handwritten letters, calls, emails, and online messages. It is essential to ensure that your last message is written with care. Listed below are tips for writing last messages of sympathy to ensure your last message means the same thing to the recipient as it does to you.

How to Write a Sympathy Note

How to Write a Sympathy Note?


Expressing Sympathy – Write out how sorry you are about what has happened. In the last message of sympathy, express your sorrow and condolences over the loss in a way that does not blame anyone or anything else.


– Acknowledge – You may know that what has happened was out of your control, but the last message should acknowledge this in a way that shows you feel some sense of regret about it. A last message of sympathy should include words like “I feel terrible about this” or “This is so painful.”


– Send Last Message – If you are writing last messages to more than one person, try your best to ensure that each last message is different. For last messages of sympathy, write out personal last letters that acknowledge the specific nature of the person’s loss.


– Give Last Wish – When last messages are last wishes, you can include last messages of sympathy that hope for a particular last wish to be fulfilled, such as “I wish things could be different.”


– Remember – Part of the last message includes remembering someone who has died in the last letter. If your last message is last words, you can include last messages of sympathy that remind the recipient of favorite last memories or last moments shared together.


– Include Last Memory – If your last message is the last letter, it may be appropriate to send the last message of sympathy that includes the last memory in the last letter. For last goodbye letters, you might describe the last events you remember together or last conversations that were meaningful to both of you.


– Say Goodbye – If the last message is the last will, it should include the last messages of sympathy that express your final wishes for the person who has died and their family. Ultimately, what to say in the last letter? An example of last words could be “I will never forget you” or “I’ll always remember the time we spent together.” You can also try last messages like “I want you to know that I love you” or “He/she was a good person.”

How Do You Sign a Sympathy Card

How Do You Sign a Sympathy Card?


A sympathy card is a handwritten letter, typically sent by mail or gifted in person. In the U.S., cards of sympathy are usually addressed to “All whom our hearts sadden.” It’s proper etiquette to sign your name at the bottom of this kind of card or letter to show that you agree with what has been said in its contents and offer your own personal thoughts on how someone who receives it may be feeling at this time. You can also include phrases like “With deepest sympathies” or ” Thinking about you.”


Some general tips include being personal, brief, and specific. You might want to mention the person’s name if you know it and say something like, “My thoughts are with you during this difficult time,” or “I am praying for your healing.” If you have any specific connections to the deceased or the bereaved, feel free to share those as well.


Whatever you do, make sure your message is heartfelt and genuine. A simple statement of support can mean a lot in a difficult time.


These are some examples of how you can sign your sympathy card:


  • “My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.”


  • “Wishing you strength in this difficult time.”


  • “Sending my condolences.”


  • “Thinking of you.”


  • “I am praying for your healing.”


  • “I ask God to heal your heart.”


  • “Sending you my love and support.”
Sympathy Message for Loss of Mother

Sympathy Message for Loss of Mother


Here are some examples of messages to share your most profound sympathy for the loss of a mother:


🌿 I am so very sorry about the loss of your dear mother…May she rest in peace at peace and with you always in her heart… I am (we are) thinking about you and sending healing hugs. I am (we are both) so sorry that our time together was cut short by this bitter reality too soon.


🌿 I am sorry for the passing of your beautiful mom. I hope you can find solace in the knowledge that she’s with God now. You’re never alone on this journey. Your loving family and friends are all here to support you through these difficult times – both mentally and physically. I am praying for her safe passage into heaven, her reunion with loved ones who’ve passed before her, and God’s steady hand through it all. May she rest in peace until we meet again on the other side one day soon.


🌿 Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your mum. It’s so hard. I wish you peace in the days ahead and rest, knowing your mother is watching over you from Heaven with love. Whatever your feelings are about this journey forward after losing your dear mum, rest assured it will get easier with time–I’ll be here if you ever need me.”


🌿 I’m sorry for your loss. Your mother was such a wonderful person, and it is sad to know she has left this world too soon, but it also means she gets to live on in the memories of those who cherished her here—offering our thoughts and prayers for all of you during this difficult time.


🌿 It must be incredibly difficult to lose a mother. The only thing I can say is that she is in peace now and full of love where ever she is right now. I pray for her and you, as well as the other family members, that you will all find peace and hope one day soon. Let me know if there’s anything else we can do for you or if there’s anything we don’t already know about your mom that we should keep in mind when thinking of her and sending our thoughts, prayers, and love to. Rest peacefully, knowing she chose this life over another out here on Earth so she could finally rest from these burdens of life.


🌿 A mother is someone who was sent to Earth from the skies to shine life. Your loss is our loss. Your mother will always be with us. She will watch over us from above, lighten up our darkest moments, fill the gaps with her limitless wisdom and unconditional love. We all feel her presence around us, and there’s so much we’ll recall about our times together. Let God heal your pain and give you peace in your heart. Your mom has left you here so you can carry on her legacy. Your mom was always proud of you! She treasured you more than anything. Please don’t forget we are always here for you. We love you!


I created a Sympathy Message Video below so you can share it with the one who’s grieving the loss of their mother today. 

Sympathy Message for Loss of Father

These are great examples of sympathy messages to share your deepest condolences for the loss of a father:


🌿 It’s with a heavy heart that I write this message to you. My condolences for the loss of your father. He will be missed by so many people, and he has been loved all of his life dearly. His death has already changed lives and created space for new beginnings and opportunities- we’ll miss his beautiful smile and comforting presence, but we’re lucky to have memories of him all the way up until the end of time. Please reach out if we can do anything to help during these heavy moments. Rest in peace, love always


🌿 I am sorry for the loss of your dad. Rest in peace, and know that he is at peace now where it doesn’t hurt anymore. Showing you compassion during this time is my way of showing love to him.

Sincerely, – your friend.


🌿 My condolences on the loss of your father. You are not alone; we are here to support you anytime during the grieving process – Your Friends


🌿 I’m sorry for your loss. I know this must be hard, and you’re in my thoughts and prayers. You can take solace in knowing that he’s in a better place now, in the light of divine love. His soul will live on and continue to give life and inspire others through his legacy, just as he did here when he was alive. Godspeed on your journey with the mourning process laid out before you. Our family is forever grateful for knowing your father, and we pray for his soul.


🌿 To have a father is to have a man of strength and compassion. As you mourn his absence, know that he was proud of your journey and inspired by the way you live your life. We’ll miss him dearly but always remember that one day he will be reunited with those who loved him the most on the other side—who will be waiting patiently for your dad with open arms. Rest easy knowing that our family has been blessed by having this wonderful man as part of it. May the heavens afford you strength during this difficult time, and may you find eventual solace knowing he is at peace. May you find serenity in your heart and heal your pain. We’re all here for you! Your father’s love will shine forever! Your love for him will last for life! We love you very much!


Below is a Sympathy Message Video so you can share it with someone who is grieving the loss of their beloved father.

What is an appropriete sympathy gift

How do you find the perfect sympathy gift to express your deepest condolences?  A great way to help someone in need is by giving them a sympathy locket with a heartfelt letter.


When you want to give a thoughtful gift that encourages healing, a personalized choice is nearly always the best choice.  Sympathy card lockets may be given as sympathy gifts, and they also allow children to show their support in a creative way.


The death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult events for people to face. A sympathy card locket is often an ideal gift because it can provide lasting comfort for those who are grieving.


When someone has lost a loved one, they may feel as though everyone has forgotten about them.  Don’t be afraid to remind them that people still care about them even though their loved one isn’t here anymore.  This is why a sympathy locket may be the perfect gift because it can be customized to show exactly how you feel.

Sympathy Message Lockets - Sympathy Cards via Eternity Letter

These lockets may also be given as sympathy gifts during funeral services or at wakes because they can serve as a lasting memory of the person who has passed.


A sympathy card locket may be used to hold a photo of their loved one.  It is also an excellent way to keep a memory close at hand. It will be a token of appreciation for someone who has lost a loved one.


The best types of sympathy gifts are based on personalization.  Choosing a locket with a meaningful handwritten saying will show the recipient that you went out of your way to choose something just for them.  This can be important after someone has lost someone they love because it shows that you put thought into your gift and care about them as an individual.


Eternity Letter Sympathy Lockets come in two options. If you expressing sympathy for someone who was cremated, you can choose a locket with a cremation urn compartment. This will make your Sympathy Card even more special and forever lasting.

What is an Appropriate Sympathy Gift? Videos

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