Here are some frequently asked questions about our products and services. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

A. We are located in the Beautiful State of Florida. All of our operations are performed in the United States as an US Corporation.

A. Our main service provider at this time is USPS services. We offer Standard, Expedited and Overnight services across United States.

A. Yes we do. At this time, we ship to United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Netherlands. We will work very hard to expand delivery to other countries around the World whenever possible.

A. Eternity Letter brand covers all essential life events. Please visit our “About Eternity Letter Products” link (make it a link to this page) with a list and descriptions of available categories we currently offer. We are working to expand endless possibilities our brand offers and will add them to Eternity Letter collection as we move forward.

A. Yes, we do.You may choose to have your letter written by hand by our Personal Specialists from Customization Department. You may also choose to have your letter printed in variety of several fonts resembling handwritten styles. (for urgent situations and/or due to other circumstances). Each option is offered at individual price points and depend on the product style you like to purchase. For example, different product designs may have different Letter sizes. Products like jewelry may have limited character count verses Locket accessories in which case you have much more space to write your own Eternity Letter. In other words, service fee for each option will depend on how big or how small your Letter size is.

A. Yes, we actually do. Whenever you proceed to purchase any Eternity Letter product, you will be offered an option to purchase pre-paid shipping label where you can fill out address information for your recipient as addressee and your address as a shipper (From: and To:). You will be charged actual shipping rate at any given time + 0.30 just to slightly support the cost of supplies and labor. Your Eternity Letter product(s) will arrive in high quality/durable shipping box. You can reuse this box to ship your Personal Eternity Letter to your recipient by placing your product back in the box, seal it with included branded tape sticker, and by affixing included pre-paid shipping label. All of our labels will be created through USPS for one simple reason. We want our customers to have as little frustration as possible. Placing your shipment inside any mailbox is a lot less time consuming and a lot easier than looking for specific carrier locations. At this time this service is offered only within United States and its territories. However, we plan and work towards adding most international locations around the world and it will be step by step process. We will keep our subscribers updated with the progress.
A. We use various alloys, natural wood and may add other materials to make our unique products.

A. Yes, our products are accompanied with branded packaging which is perfect for gift giving.


A. Yes, each product will include several complimentary letters, pencil, and eraser. Products that are designed with additional cremation compartment will also include complimentary screws, screw driver and the funnel.
A. Yes, if your order contains over 100 of the same style units, we will offer discounts based on 100 per unit increments. You may call us and/or contact us via email for more information.
A. Yes, we are the sole manufacturer and distributor of all Eternity Letter products. In order to purchase wholesale, you must be a registered business with Tax ID and/or reseller license. You would need to register via our Distributor/Vendor portal and we will review your information before issuing approval. If approved, you will be provided with individual log in credentials.
A. We thought about such situations and developed Private and Social Platform for our customers. You may register absolutely free of charge, create your Eternity Letter profile and save your letter on the server either privately or publicly. You will also have an option to post comments, images, etc and share it with your group of friends and family regarding personal events or anything else you may find important.
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