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Happy Birthday Gift that Matters

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Our Birthday is one of those days when our family and friends are praising us, and of course, we get gifts and best wishes that make this day special. Eternity Letter brand has designed unique products so you can say “Happy Birthday” in such a way that it will be treasured through time and remind you of your gift in a very positive and touching way.

Handwritten greetings gifted in a unique, beautiful locket will impress and make your Happy Birthday present one of a kind. It may also be perfect for monetary gifts which can be included along with your letter. Money is spent and forgotten, but our Eternity Letter products offer you an opportunity to make it personal, unforgettable, and lasting. Be Unique and make your Birthday gift to be Magnificent and Unforgettable.

Gift Gratitude Like Never Before - Touching Thank You Gifts

On average, a person says Thank You up to 2000 times a year, and over half of the time, it is not sincere. Eternity Letter products offer an incredible opportunity to gift your gratitude with an emotional impact that lasts forever. 

Appreciate good deeds with a personal touch and unforgettable emotions.

When we appreciate others for being there for us, or because their influence turned into a positive life experience, or simply because they helped us go through the extra mile, it matters! 

Saying Thank, You becomes very meaningful when written through the heart, and each word speaks your mind making an actual difference in personal and business relationships. 

Make your Thank You Gift Matter and gift gratitude like never before via Eternity Letter!

Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentines, and Beautiful Love Letters

There is absolutely nothing that can compare to the feeling of Love. Humankind can not survive without giving and receiving Love. Eternity Letter products can capture such precious moments and make them last through Eternity. Below are just a few ways you can use Eternity Letter products to celebrate Love and make it incredibly special.

1. Keepsake boxes to hold your engagement ring along with the handwritten letter.
Asking to marry you and saying “I DO” are unforgettable moments for every couple. Including a handwritten letter with your proposal will never fade in time and make a life-changing moment more meaningful and last through Eternity.

2. Celebrating each milestone in your marriage or relationship.
Love is a cornerstone of any family and unites people on another level through joy, care, mutual obstacles, unconditional support, and sacrifice. Writing a letter to your significant other on your anniversary is a gift of time that will last and be appreciated many years later. It’s a way to collect your precious memories with each milestone and communicate all of the good that unites you over the years. It may become part of your love story and be passed on from generation to generation so it will never fade in time and last through Eternity.

3. Apologizing to your significant other through a heart-warm Love Letter.
Sometimes it happens. Causing pain or heartbreak to the one we love is never easy for both and, in some cases, may hurt for a long time or even lead to separation because we couldn’t find the right words to apologize or don’t know what to do to fix it. An apology is a powerful tool that makes all things possible, and our Eternity Love Letter is the best gift you can find to make things right.

4. Love Couple sharing.
A couple can have twin accessories such as keychains and carry them to remind their second half. It can be gifted by one partner to another as a “Love Couple” set and have another partner write something for you as well. It will be a very positive experience for both and will unite each couple through the power of the inspirational gift that matters. 

5. Use Eternity Letter lockets as wedding favors for guests.
Each guest gets their locket with the letter. Each locket is accompanied with a beautiful name tag to identify each guest and then tied to a locket. Each guest can write their wishes and greetings to a new family. Then all lockets are collected as unforgettable memories and stored as a family history. Letters from your Mom, Dad, close friends, and relatives will speak to you even 30 years later.

6. Use Eternity Letter lockets to send wedding invitations to the guest.
Such invitations will impress your guests and will be treasured as a memory of your magnificent wedding.

7. Wedding candles that hold individual handwritten letters.
Double candle holder with one compartment to hold two letters. It may be used by husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Each writes a letter for each other as a way to unite, share personal emotions and keep it strong. Anytime there is an argument or any stressful period, you can light up both candles as a way to ease the moment and shine positivity into your home. (these unique products are coming up soon).

Prayer Gifts and Keepsakes - Meaningful Lockets

There is nothing more powerful than a prayer, and there is nothing more meaningful than a prayer handwritten by hand. Whether you want to change your life or encourage someone you love for a better future, Eternity Letter can deliver an experience previously unavailable and make your gift incredibly influential and consequential.

Write down your heartfelt prayer, and keep it with you whenever you are. When your friend or a family member is down, don’t wait and make a difference. Handwritten prayer gifted directly from your heart is a gift that truly matters because it will last forever and provide guidance through the space of time.

Uniquely Positive and Emotional Gifts for Someone Special

Eternity Letter revolutionized the concept of Gift Giving by delivering a solution to “How do I make my gift special”? Eternity Letter solved this time-consuming problem by inventing a Gift that matters,

Eternity Letter is universally perfect for any event and celebration. This fancy greeting card is affordable for all but holds incredible energy of love, joy, and unity.

Surprise someone special with a gift that lasts forever and delivers an emotional experience beyond imagination.

Make Your Gift Matter®

Emotional Forgiveness Letter - Apologize Directly from Your Heart

Eternity Letter products can do wonders when it comes to personal relationships of any kind. People hurt each other every day. Sometimes we can let it go, but sometimes it may cause deep pain, especially if it comes down to those we love the most. What do we do in case phone calls or texts do not work? What do we do if such pain lasts for years and conversations turn into dramatic arguments and blame games?

Eternity Letter was invented to help you say “I am Sorry” directly from your heart and heal any argument into an emotional, unforgettable, and meaningful experience.

Don’t wait any longer, and make your words matter. Your sincere apology captured inside a beautifully crafted Eternity Letter product will make a difference of a lifetime and gift an incredible feeling of joy, love, and unity. Such small investments will go a long way and change how we treat one another in the future. 

Uniquely Emotional Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts

Most parents sacrifice what they have for their children. It is natural instinct and part of everyday life. Parents usually don’t care much for fancy gifts or flowers once a year and instead they need love, care and a simple phone call. Eternity Letter lockets can be purchased to hand write something meaningful and personal to your Mom or Dad on Mother’s or Father’s Day. Such gift will take the cake and you can be absolutely certain it will melt their hearts and will be treasured forever by the people who are 100% behind you no matter what.

Graduations - A Gift Worth a Milestone That Matters

It’s a long and exciting journey that plays a significant role in many people’s lives. While you may not build long-lasting relationships with all of your teachers for one reason or another, you will always have one or a few who have made a difference by giving you life-changing advice or cared enough to “push” through your obstacles or mistakes. This made you stronger, and you passed your finished line successfully.

Appreciate your teacher today, or gift a uniquely emotional keepsake to your kids to celebrate and honor essential milestones that genuinely matters. It will become Forever Keepsake and will deliver an emotional experience beyond imagination.

Baby Showers and More - Celebrate New Bundle of Joy with a Gift that Lasts Forever

Celebrate most special life events with a gift that matters. Eternity Letter can be used as party favors for baby showers, baptism, bris, naming, and many other events worth being treasured and remembered forever.

It is a gift that isn’t going to a drawer and keeps as a beautiful keepsake full of emotions delivering an experience of a lifetime. Record such wonderful moments today and make your gift last forever and ever.

Keep a memory of something as precious as a brand new life. Each guest can get an individual locket and write their wishes to emerging life or a newborn for such events. Another option is for an invitee to gift money by placing it inside the Eternity Letter locket along with your personal wishes letter. The money will be well spent and forgotten, but your handwritten note will last through time and will remind you of your love many years later.

Newly baked parents can also write a letter to their little cookie at the time of birth and then gift it to their child on the 16th Birthday. Such letters can be written with so much love, precious memories, and natural care to make it the most favorite gift ever. Such Eternity Letter lockets may also help resolve any disagreements or arguments any parent may experience with a teenager and unite the family through a meaningful gift that was prepared decades ago.

My Secret Message Gifts and Keepsakes - Make Your Wish Come True

Do you have a dream? A secret wish? Something that you truly want and need? No doubt you have one, or even a few:) Studies show that when we handwrite our thoughts or letters, it manifests itself through our sincere and emotional state of mind and makes it meaningful.

It is also believed that when you write down your wish and keep it with, your wish may “wake up” and come true:)

Buy yourself a comfortable and beautiful Wish Box today. It also comes with a complimentary keyring and can travel with you anywhere, following your footsteps to the finish line.

Unique Encouragement and Spiritual Gifts - Let All Your Dreams Come True

Do you know someone who needs encouragement? Who needs to be motivated to get up and go? Someone who can’t do it alone, but has all of the potential in the world?

Write sincere inspirational note and gift it inside incredibly beautiful locket to make an impact of a lifetime for yourself and the one you care for. Such motivational lockets are forever keepsakes and can never replace any spoken words. This inspirational gift comes directly from your heart and will be forever treasured because it delivers natural and very positive experience that will make all of the difference.

American Flag Gifts that Count - Support Men and Women in Uniform

American heroes are all around us. They serve the people day in and day out. It’s the firefighters, law enforcement, special forces and our precious military. Our heroes deserve the world. They do not rest when we rest, they don’t get to celebrate when we do, they simply serve and defend as part of everyday life.

Let them know how much they matter and appreciated. Are you a mom waiting for your son or your daughter from combat mission? A firefighter saved your life? A friend or a community member of honorable police officer? Make no mistake and gift emotional experience beyond imagination today via incredibly beautiful American Flag locket that will be forever treasured as a token of love, unity and support. Make your gift count today.

Unique Get Well Soon and Sympathy Gifts - Make Your Loved One Feel Better

When someone we love isn’t feeling well, we look for ways to ease their pain and give them natural feeling of comfort. Sincere handwritten note captured inside beautifully crafted locket will deliver an experience of a life time and is guaranteed to generate positive emotions beyond imagination. Your Get Well Wishes will last through time and remind your loved one of the support you’ve always shown to them.

Buy Eternity Letter locket for someone who needs your love and make them feel better today. Your well wishes will gift unbelievable joy and will make your loved one smile:), guaranteed!

Memorial Events - Priceless Opportunity to Say Final Good Bye

We almost never get to say final good bye. And…we are certainly have so much more to say and share.
Eternity Letter was invented to make final good bye possible. It can be done during the event and left with your loved one, or, it can be used 20 years later. It’s a priceless opportunity to say “I love you” for the last time, to say “I am sorry” for the last time, and to say what you never got the chance to say for the first time.
Eternity Letter Brand can not stress enough how much it understands and how much it feels all of the emotional pain that comes with a loss of someone you could never forget. Eternity Letter allows you to fix a problem previously unsolvable. It’s a pain of suddenly broken communication and a feeling of endless regret because it’s already too late.
Say your final good bye and let your words speak your heart, whatever it could be. Eternity Letter is sincerely sorry for your loss nevertheless if it happened today or years ago. Eternity Letter is always here for you.

Personal Goodbye Letters - Let Your Legacy and Life Story Last Forever

How will my family remember me? How do I make their pain less intense? Will my generations know anything about my life and how much we look alike?

Eternity Letter allows you to say good bye directly from your heart and to leave it for your family to open after you are gone. You may designate a good friend, a family member, or even Eternity Letter to take this action when your loved ones need healing from emotional pain of loss.

All people are different, some prepare will for their family, some don’t and it all depends on your own individual lifestyle, financial status, etc. However, it will not break your bank if you purchase specifically designed Eternity Letter lockets to say Good Bye to your family and friends. You can ask your family member, a lawyer or a good friend to share it with your loved ones after you are gone. You can crack favorite jokes, write something meaningful, say sorry in some cases and simply let your heart and mind go wild and communicate something mutually important for each family member or a friend.

Nothing would last as much as your Eternity Letter in such circumstance. It will heal your grieving loved ones and offer a positive way to be remembered.

Such accessories include keepsake boxes, locket keychains, candles, jewelry and more so you can pick and chose each one individually and make it unique. Your letters will live in hearts and souls of your loved ones forever and will deliver emotional experience previously unavailable. 

Let your family and future generations remember you in positive and wonderful way, so they can cherish your memory through time into eternity.

Personal Good Bye Tribute to Your Pet - Treasure Your Pet Gracefully

Losing a pet is beyond painful. The emotions and regret are unbearable. The eyes and the joy of your pet are forever remembered and the heart is crying sincerely.

Our pets are the most sincere and the most loving family members. They hear our voice for all of their lives and they know exactly what we say to them. They inherit our character and become valuable members of the family until it’s time to say Good Bye. And when it’s time, we cry, we suffer emotionally and our mind is overwhelmed with precious memories.

Such moments are devastating because along with our pet, we lose unconditional love, joy and a friend who would never lie and cheat. Writing a letter to the one who was always there for us unconditionally is a way to let go and appreciate each day spent together.

Eternity Letter offers cremation accessories for pets with a unique concept. Now, you can also say good bye to your pet the way you both know how. The way your pet will understand you and carry on knowing all you missed to say before it was too late.

Eternity Letter understands your pain and will never rest to make sure you receive the best support possible with our unique products and service

Tree of Life Personal Tribute Keepsakes - Heal Your Pain with Love

Life is precious. It begins as a beautiful light and moves forward step by step turning each stone into magnificent milestone. When it’s time to say good bye, time stops.

Seed a Tree of Life. Eternity Letter offers you priceless opportunity to say your final good byes and to grow a beautiful tree or a flower with your personal tribute captured inside beautiful locket. We also offer an option with ashes compartment.

Let the light of life continue. Heal your pain with love. Speak your heart and let the tree of life thrive.

Eternity Letter invented a Tree of Life series because we understand and feel your incredible pain. Say what matters and let the sun follow.

Eternity Letter Patented Candle Holders

Light is a symbol of peace and comfort. It shimmers at night and brightens the day. Light represents past, present, and the future because it will never fade in time and can help us heal through its warm and magical appearance. When candles are lightened up to remember our loved one who passed away, it naturally transforms into light of love, heals grievances and provides emotional comfort. 

Our Eternity Letter candle holders are designed to hold your personal handwritten letter. Our candle holders are designed for celebration events and for memorial events. We also have an option that comes with cremation ashes compartment. 

We offer our Eternity Letter candles to help people communicate their thoughts and emotions through the magnificent power of light and watch its energy flow into eternity.

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