Dear Eternity Letter Friends and Community, Greetings!


My name is Inna, and I am the founder of the Eternity Letter,


Eternity Letter was born out of personal necessity and then evolved into a patented product. Eternity Letter was granted Utility Patent under “System for delivering and relinquishing memories,” and I am grateful to God for this blessing,


I have many years of experience in alloy manufacturing and designed my first product in the form of a cloud. Today I can say it was the right call of my imagination:) Our customers indeed find this style to be touching and very personal.


For me, Eternity Letter is not just a business. Eternity Letter is so uniquely emotional that I am working with this project through incredible love and joy for what I do. I’ve learned many new skills just to make sure Eternity Letter comes to every home in America as an unforgettable, positive, healing, and joyous experience.


I am working without rest to accomplish all of the things that make this project so special. I have many new styles coming up out of production with the Eternity Letter concept. This includes uniquely designed Eternity Letter candle holders, absolutely adorable jewelry, extraordinary wedding favors, gratitude gifts, and many other keepsakes and accessories. I wish I had more time:) but we are all equal before TIME, and I am grateful to God for giving me the strength to work, bravery to take action, and the opportunity to invent this one-of-a-kind product.


I’ve studied my market, and sadly, based on statistics, most paper cards are never to be seen again, and many are thrown away. However, people have continued this beautiful tradition for over ten centuries because gifting emotions is part of human nature. I’ve studied the market after I came up with the Eternity Letter concept, and I’ve realized how much value my invention holds and how much good it can do for people. Eternity Letter now competes with the $8B paper cards market by delivering emotional experiences previously unavailable.


Eternity Letter allows people to enjoy gift-giving again and also heals emotional pain through the power of a handwritten letter captured inside a beautiful and unique time capsule. Eternity Letter completely reimagines how we gift our emotions and makes it forever lasting experience. Eternity Letter saves you time and money to search for a gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated and forever treasured as a personal token of love and genuine care.


I am forever grateful to everyone who helps me take Eternity Letter to the people and make it a household item. I am confident that Eternity Letter will make a difference in your life and become a product you will love!


With Love, Inna Yakovleva – the founder of the Eternity Letter Brand.


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