Legacy Gifts and Emotional Good Bye Letters

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What Are Legacy Gifts?


If you want your friends and family to receive legacy gifts with dignity, you must plan now.


Legacy gifts can be a difficult concept. It’s essential to understand what is legacy gifts and what it entails.


What are legacy gifts? Eternity Letter keepsakes


By sharing legacy gifts, you will ensure that your contribution counts and what makes it worthwhile.


Plan your legacy gifts now if you want to make the world a better place for someone who deserves it!


In Conclusion…


No one likes thinking about their demise, but planning should definitely be on your agenda if your goal is to give people what they deserve as human beings. When considering legacy gifts, consider those closest to you – the ones who have been there from the beginning – what are legacy gifts to them?


How to write a legacy letter?


How to write a legacy letter?


Many of us have traditional rituals when it comes to saying goodbye.


Some make wishes at 11:11, others read a chapter from their favorite book before bedtime, and there are even those who count the number of steps they take every day in hopes that their lives will end nicely.


Some people decide to write a letter to be opened only after they’ve passed away with final words of wisdom or advice for loved ones left behind. A legacy letter is a letter written by someone who has decided he won’t be around to see what his life leaves behind when he’s no longer here.


Legacy letters provide comfort and hope to friends and family after death because they reveal what was in the writer’s heart when writing it.


The following are steps in writing a legacy letter.


Think about the things that are important to you and others when they read this letter. How do you want people who’ve read your story to feel? How would you like them to remember you? How could feelings of strength, courage, hope, determination help motivate others facing their own struggles? How can morals or ethical principles benefit those who remain living after you? Do you have any regrets that serve as lessons learned that would be beneficial for others to know? How does faith play a role in your life, and how could that inspire others? How can you use your legacy to protect the world for future generations? How does your life reveal any lessons learned about love, about life, about making a difference?


Write this letter because it will be your own words speaking when you can no longer speak yourself. How else would people know what was in your heart unless they knew it directly from you? How else could anything carry significance if there were not any words written down? How would anyone know your story otherwise? How would they learn about it in history class if they never learned about it at all? They can only know directly from you. Make your legacy last forever, and let your memory sail through time and space.


Emotional relief through personal good-bye letter.


Gifts for people who are dying gifts for people who are dying - Eternity Letter Keepsakes


This is something extraordinary. This is unique to you. How do you want to share it with the world, whether through your voice or your legacy? How can you use your story to create a change in the world that will be remembered and talked about, just like what people say about Martin Luther King Jr., Mohamed Ali, or Galileo Galilei? How do you want to be remembered when gone from this earth? How do you want people who remember you for your legacy to feel when reading it?


Remember that there is only one chance to get what’s inside of your heart down on paper. How many times have we said things in our heads but not out loud until we’re left wishing we didn’t wait too long and regret the missed opportunities because the right words were never said at all – not even once? How often do we feel that life is too short not to tell someone exactly how we feel about them? How often do we wish we could change what happened in the past because of regret or the feeling that it’s too late?


Give yourself this one chance. Give yourself this opportunity. What others possibly take for granted, you can give away freely while being able to right your mistakes from the past. You can leave behind a legacy letter that says everything you’ve never said out loud – even if it is just to yourself. How freeing would that be? How incredible would you feel? How much better off will everyone else be if they are given an opportunity to hear what was always on your mind finally? How can they not appreciate what you had done for them when they never had the chance before when you only had the opportunity once in your entire lifetime?


Make them happy. Make everyone happy. How is anything possible unless someone does something about it first? How can anyone be happier until someone tries to make everyone else happy too? How can people don’t want their loved ones to suffer even after they are gone if they never do anything about it – especially when there is still a chance? How many times have we looked back and wondered what if, but somehow knew deep down that there was nothing more we could do except for this one thing?


This is your life. How lucky you are to finally be given a chance to share everything that’s inside of your heart with the whole world, just like how special snowflakes cannot truly fall onto any surface unless someone has something similar already in place. How blessed you may feel that there is no one out there who knows exactly what you’re going through, experiencing, or what you’ve gone through to come this far. How fortunate you are that someone finally cares about your feelings and is willing to share in your pain because they have gone through it and know how much better off everyone else will be if they just listened for once in their lives. How thankful should you feel that there is still time even when all the chances are long gone? Make your life journey count and share it with love and sentiment.


My personal view.


Final good bye letter via Eternity Letter


If you want to be remembered by your generations for years to come, then I’d say that Eternity Letter would be a great idea. Imagine how your legacy gifts bring people together or unite family and friends closer after losing someone they love. In that case, Eternity Letter legacy gifts will achieve what’s intended and, in turn, continue to give for many generations to come!


We all know that human life is precious. It begins one day, and then it moves on to another stage when we can live in the hearts and souls of our family and friends.


Our legacy will last through our children, grandchildren, and those who were always there no matter what. But how many of us know anything about our past generations except for some brief stories heard here and there?


What if there is something very personal your future generations should know? What if things you did in life were significant enough to change the course of history for your genesis? Or you want to say something that would make things emotionally easier for your family, friends, or even each one individually knowing their character personally and saying Good Bye in a uniquely positive way, one at the time.


While my closest friends and family will always have something to remember about my character and life, what can I leave as a personal legacy for my generations? What would I want them to know about my life journey? After all, my way of life most likely reflected on theirs, and I do not doubt that each one of us would want to last in the hearts and minds of those who are still very far away in the future. And, at the same time, communicate something significant and positive to those who are left behind.


I thought that there was nothing more positive and lasting than my handwritten letter left for my loved ones after I am already on my way to another journey. I know that there are always things unsaid, and there are always things we may regret. Besides this, there are always things that used to unite us and laugh over something that later became a family tradition. Whatever that is, I want to make sure I can talk to people I love in such a way that my memory will always be positive, and I am forgiven for whatever I could have done over my lifetime.


Eternity Letter offers a “Personal Goodbye Letter” collection for anyone who wants to be remembered through Eternity the way you want to be remembered. For your legacy to last beyond centuries and to always be part of “Why?” and “How?” conversations.


It’s a blessing that I will have an opportunity to leave something tangible with my handwritten letter because I know it will make a difference for those who will miss me and those who will only know me through my compassionate Eternity letter.


Sincerely, Inna Yakovleva – the founder of the Eternity Letter℗


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