Thank You for Your Encouragement and Motivation Gifts for Mentor – Fancy Gratitude Greeting Card with Emotional Handwritten Letter – Inspirational and Meaningful Locket with Forever Message


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❤️ This is an Inspirational and Motivational Gift 💘 from our “Thank You” Cloud Collection.

Did someone make a difference in your life? 👍 Offered love ❤️ and support 💪 when it was a priority for you? Dedicated time and effort 🌍 to help you get up and go?

Write a sincere appreciation note and gift it inside a stunning locket to make an impact of a lifetime for yourself and the one you care for. Such motivational lockets are forever keepsakes and can never replace any spoken words. This 💎 inspirational gift comes directly from your 💟 heart and will be forever treasured because it delivers a very positive experience that will make all of the difference.

💖Gift gratitude ⚜️ like never before and 👍 enjoy gift-giving again.

This collection was designed with “Thank You” engraving and makes incredible stand-alone or a complimentary gift. Encourage someone you love today with a gift that matters.

Make Your Gift Matter® via Eternity Letter Today! Gift Emotions Beyond Imagination!

❤️ This unique 🎁Gratitude and Inspirational Gift 🎁 comes with a complimentary keyring, so it may also be used as a keychain to carry your gift every step of the way. It also includes two extra envelopes 💌💌 with letters in case it may become helpful. Each Cloud is beautifully packaged inside the suede envelope-shaped pouch and comes inside the branded gift box.

💌 We also offer Custom Letter Writing Services, which includes Handwriting or Printing your letter for you. You may purchase Eternity Letter Locket and write your handwritten letter yourself, or you can ask us to write a letter for you. We offer this service to help you save time and send your inspirational gift for you anywhere in the US and many other parts of the World. We use “human touch” handwriting to write each letter and are confident you will enjoy this service.

❤️ Eternity Letter revolutionized the concept of Gift Giving by delivering a solution to “How do I make my gift special”? Eternity Letter solved this time-consuming problem by inventing a Gift that matters. Our mission is to make gift-giving enjoyable again and make a difference by uniting people through emotional experiences previously unavailable.

❤️ We are always here for you to answer any questions. We understand that gift-giving is a very personal, sensitive, and time-consuming experience, especially when we want our gift to be extraordinary. We are determined to make this experience lasting and unforgettable for you and for the one you care for.

🎯 Your satisfaction with our products and services is what we care for the most. Eternity Letter will never rest to ensure you are pleased with the experience and the products you purchased from us and will handle any issues or concerns to your complete satisfaction.🎯

❤️ We Appreciate Your Business and are Grateful for the Opportunity to Serve You! Sincerely, Eternity Letter Brand.

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Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 5 in

Antiqued Bronze Finish, Rose-Gold Tone Finish

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